Public Transport Services

More than 400 buses with 1050 drivers transport the passengers all over the state of Kuwait. In 2004 it is recorded that KPTC was able to transport more than 70 million passengers

This fleet is distinguished by its punctuality and competitive prices that allow a “subscription” system with 50% discounts. The fleet is subject to regular maintenance of a superior standard carried out by a highly qualified and professional team in the technical field. KPTC always seeks to renew and modernize its fleet as well as to conduct relevant field studies, which continue to meet with the current and future demand in the country

Domestic Transport Services

Upon short and long-term contracts, KPTC always specifies highly-professional drivers as well as the latest international models of mini, premium and VIP buses to suit all short, medium and long-term trips to serve various governmental and private sectors.ا team are shown through the renewal of these contracts and attracting new contracts, which will enable this specialized sector to remain the best in the State of Kuwait

Through a special department responsible for implementing the contracts, KPTC offers an unprecedented omnibus-lease system within the State of Kuwait with various types and sizes to suit all trips.

KPTC constantly looks forward to solidifying its relationship with clients by exchanging visits and strengthening the field control to guarantee a good performance of this service.

Regional Transport Service

This service extended to reach outside the Kuwaiti territories, to cover all the neighboring countries. The company is distinguished by its Omra trips and became the first specialized and the most reputable company for those who wish to perform the Omra.



Maritime Transport Service

In addition to the land transportation service, KPTC offers its maritime services through daily trips to Failaka and other private tourist trips according to a previously prepared schedule. In addition to that, KPTC offers maintenance services of small boats and little ships, as well as the marina and the maritime shipping service for goods, equipment and cars. read more...


Repair Service for others

The garages are designed for receiving all types of trucks and heavy buses of various models and sizes. The high technical and professionalism of KPTC engineering crew have made the company the best, most trusted place for repairing the vehicles of others such as government, ministries and private sector. This efficiency has enabled the company's engineering team to implement the contracts signed with all sectors and companies in a perfect manner.